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Carbon Tech Reeds Superstock Reeds= They say karts are the closest thing the normal guy will ever be able to get to racing a INDY car.

Don't settle for anything less than the best. Carbon Tech reeds are made from aerospace grade 100% carbon fiber, meaning they last longer and give better performance than any other reed available. Our reeds are available in different tensions to suit the track and driving style; Low Tensions (LT) are generally better for tight tracks, and High Tensions (HT) work better for long straights and wide open tracks. Use the same reeds that Scott Speed uses; Carbon Tech reeds.

Boyesen's Carbon Tech Reeds are made from aerospace grade 100% carbon fiber. Carbon Tech Reeds bolt directly to your stock reed cage without having to modify anything else on your intake system. Not only do these reeds increase the performance of your machine, they hold up to the strains of high performance Karting engines.

The ability to select from 1 of 3 specific variable reed petal tensions gives you the flexibility to increase horsepower within a more specific range of each engine’s power characteristic. Available in different tensions, Low Tension (LT), Mid Tension (MT), and High Tension (HT), Boyesen Carbon Tech Reeds will help your machine gain that extra edge without sacrificing reliability.

Low Tensions (LT)
Improve power delivery in the lower RPM ranges. Our low tension option is best suited for increasing response and initial acceleration.
Mid Tensions (MT)
Improve power delivery in the mid-range of your specific engine. Our mid tension option is best suited for increasing the overall power delivery of your engine.
High Tensions (HT
Improve power delivery in the upper RPM range of your specific engine. Our high tension option is best suited for increasing the maximum output of engines.

Fuel Resistant Reeds
The most durable materials. The most lifespan.
Boyesen’s Carbon Tech Reeds feature category-leading toughening additives to increase reed petal lifespan by resisting breakdown from damaging agents found in fuel. This is done to ensure a long-lasting seal between the reeds and the intake tract time and time again.

dual carbon weave
Model-Specific Hi-Output Carbon Reeds
Boyesen’s Carbontech multi-weave carbon stacks feature Aerospace material interwoven into tension combinations that maximize power delivery and peak horsepower. Boyesen engineers specifically tune the carbon matrix tension using a proprietary weave formula that is tested and optimized to give the best response and the most drivable power delivery that money can buy.

If you'd prefer to speak with a real live person, just call us at (800) 441-1177 to speak directly to our Customer Service specialists. Call our toll free order line (800) 441-1177, or e-mail us at


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