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Rage Cage Reed Petals Rage Cage Reed Petals REVOLUTIONARY PERFORMANCE
Boyesen’s patented dual-stage, and triple stage reed petal systems are designed to incorporate a specially shaped top reed/mid petal combination which works in unison with a ported bottom reed petal. The top petals provide increased acceleration and the bottom petal provides maximum flow and horsepower at higher RPMs. Boyesen’s exclusive multiple staged reed petal approach creates more horsepower when compared to a single stage reed petal setup.

More Air Flow.
The dual-stage design allows you to replace your stock reed stop with a Rev-Plate which permits the reeds to open freely and function efficiently.

More Air Velocity.
The multi-port feature of the bottom reed petal creates more channels for the charge, delivering increased velocity to the intake ports.

More Overall Power.
Rage Cage Multi-stage reed petals work in unison to perform efficiently throughout the entire powerband. The difference in stiffness between the top reed petal and the bottom petal allow the entire reed petal system to respond quickly and accurately to changes in engine pressure. This translates into quicker acceleration, crisper throttle response and increased horsepower throughout the powerband.

RC2 Series Performance Features
dual carbon weave
Model-Specific variable tension reed petals.
The Rage Cage’s Multi-Staged reed petal stacks feature Aerospace carbon material interwoven into tension combinations that maximize power delivery and peak horsepower. Boyesen engineers specifically tune the carbon matrix tension using a proprietary weave formula that is tested and optimized for each model sled.

fuel resistant reeds
The most durable materials. The most lifespan.
The RC2 Series Rage Cage now features category-leading toughening additives to increase reed petal lifespan by resisting breakdown from damaging agents found in fuel. In addition to our proprietary T2 Epoxy, the Rage Cage features rubber coated reed petals to ensure a long-lasting seal between the petals and the intake tract time and time again. Your customers will enjoy the durability of the Rage Cage season after season.

multistage reeds
One reed petal is NOT enough!
The reed petals in modern snowmobile engines take an incredicle amount of abuse! At peak RPM reed petals are opening and closing hundreds of times per second. Over time, a single reed loses its ability to regulate flow rates in proper proportions. This causes a loss of reed petal reaction and reduces the consistency of peak horsepower. MS PLUS Optimization uses multi-staged reed petals to distribute the engine’s pulse forces over more surface area. By using a multiple reed petal stack, it is possible to acheive peak horsepower AND durability. The patented multi-stage design incorporates a specially shaped top reed petal and a ported bottom reed petal. The top petal is lightweight and resilient for crisp throttle response at partial throttle or low RPMs. The stiffer, bottom petal is ported to provide maximum flow and horsepower at higher RPMs.

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